Tracking Software

Your Choice of software

Whatever your specific application, we will assist you to choose a software system that meets your needs from our Approved Software selection below:



Mobile friendly on any browser with no fiddly apps required. Simply use any browser on any device.

Fully featured yet lightweight, intuitive and easy-to use. 

  • Live tracking with easy selector
  • History in map and logbook view
  • Geo-fences and trip types
  • Create projects with billable hours per trip
  • Driver ID and Keypad input friendly
  • Accident, harsh Breaking & Acceleration and over-speed alerts
  • Excel based reporting (including scheduled reports)

GPSLiVEtrax pro

Our professional telematics suite that is highly configurable to fulfil any complex tracking and telematics requirements.
Best used on a PC with the benefit of a mobile app

  • Live tracking and history with replay
  • Asset states with alerts
  • Driver scoring based on acceleration, braking speed (local & max), excessive idling etc.
  • Keep-in zones, keep-out zones, geo-fences, routes with alerts
  • Set custom rules and notifications
  • Company, cost centre & user hierarchy 

Main Menu

Touch ready... click to go!

telematics software main menu

Live View

See all your stuff... all the time... in real-time!

Map History View

Every point of every trip recorded for easy review!

Manage Trips View

Easily view all the days trips in logbook layout!

Timeline View

All your important events... clearly identified!

Daily Coverage View

An instant snapshot of your assets daily movements!

Odometre & Hour readings

Easily enter regular readings!

Maintenance Schedules & Reminders

Easily display a service interval snapshot!

It's simple to set up a service schedule!


Easy-as ready to use templates!

Fully customisable!

and simple to schedule!


An alert for every eventuality!


Instant address lookup and geo-fence drawing tool!