GPS for Construction Equipment Rental Companies 

You don't know what you don't know!
...until you install GPS Live Track...


Then you know.

Know... what you didn't know!

and Track Your Success!

All-in One Solution

Adding GPS Live Track to your team means increased security and efficiency for your fleet, improved safety  for your operators and cost savings and easy scalability for yur business.

Enhanced Security

Prevent theft and unauthorized use of their valuable equipment through real-time tracking and geofencing capabilities.

Efficient Fleet Management

Tools to monitor equipment usage, schedule proactive maintenance, optimize resource allocation, and minimize downtime.

Ease of Use

An intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it simple for their teams to access and interpret data.

Customer Satisfaction

A suite of features that enable your rental company to provide accurate delivery billing and drop off and pickup times, leading to happier and more trusting customers.


The ability to tailor the system to your specific needs, including generating reports and setting alerts for maintenance or usage patterns.

GPS Live Track enhances the efficiency, security, and profitability of your construction rental equipment.

Know that your assets are Secure.


Prevent theft and unauthorized use with real-time location and movement alerts.

live view gps tracking software

Live Location

See all your assets, in real-time, all the time

Movement Alerts

Lock assets in place from the App and be alerted for any movement.

Time-based alerts

Know when a driver or an asset hasnt arived at site or isnt home yet.

Remote Immobilizer

Remotely disable a vehicle or secondary engine from starting.

geo fences for alerts and address lookup

Geo-fence Alerts

Know when assets enter or leave geo-fences.

Know how your assets are used.

Fleet Usage & Optimisation.

Monitor usage and optimize resource allocation to minimize downtime.

Manage trip type

Trip Reports Logbook

Detialed trip reporting in logbook view to manage trips.

Map History View

Trip History Map View

View each trip on Google Maps, Satelitre View and even Street View

easy set up service schedule gps

Run Hour Reports

See exact Start and End Run Hours for each asset at each loaction.

Track Transport Trips

Full details when your equipment is transported without adding engine run hours.

Identify Unused Assets

Report on any assets no utilised for any period you would like e.g. 14 or 28 days, or last 72 hours!

Know what your assets need and when.

Maintenance & Service.

Keep your assets under warranty and in best operating condition with Hours or Odo based Jobs & Service Reminders for any and every serve requirement.

easy set up service schedule gps

Schedule Maintenance

Easily create maintenance reminders and Jobs for everytype of asset or service.

gps capture odo hour readings

Odo & Hours Records

Easily update Engine hours or vehicle odo readings to keep service records up to date.

engine run hours mileage calendar service jobs and reminders

Engine Run Hours

Manage all assets by engine run hours, even reporting run hours at each job site.

Dispatch service jobs to maintenance staff phones

Service Job Dispatcher

Use the App to send service technicians to equipment.

Billing Rate Reporting for Equipment Rental

Usage reports

Easily customise usage reports for every site or customer including billing by hour.

Know that your assets are Safe.

Compliance & Safety.

Ensure staff & equipment operate within safety guidelines and regulatory requirements.

vehicle and asset checklists


Easily configurable checklists let you use the App for safety and pre-trip checklisting.

engine run hours mileage calendar service jobs and reminders

Service & Maintenance

Mainenatnce schedules improve vehicle safety and compliance.

gps extensive range of reports

Service & Checklist reports

Produce service and compliance checklist history reports at the click of a buton.

Driver Fatigue Alerts

Ensure drivers and operators remain within set number of driving hours per trip

A GPS for every type of Asset

GPS Live Track provides a GPS device suitable for every type of construction equipment.

A Tracking System that is easy to use!

Our fully featured comprehensive tracking system offers unparalleled detail without sacrificing ease of use, providing you with an unmatched level of precision and simplicity in monitoring your assets.

Livetrax tracking platform

GPS LiveTrax

Mobile friendly on any browser with no fiddly apps required. Simply use any browser or use the App on any device.
Fully featured yet lightweight, intuitive and easy-to use.

  • Live tracking with easy asset selector
  • History in map and logbook view
  • Geo-fences and trip types
  • Create projects with billable hours per trip
  • Accident, harsh Breaking & Acceleration and over-speed alerts
  • Accident & Roll-over alerts
  • Maintenance and Service Schedules
  • PDF, CSV, HTML and Excel based reporting (including scheduled reports)
Livetrax tracking platform Pro

GPS LiveTrax Pro

Everything that GPS LiveTrax offers but also includes:

  • Local Speed Limits (every trip point)
  • Satellite communications for rural out of coverage areas*
  • Refrigeration or external sensor monitoring*
  • Driver ID*
  • Compliance Check Lists
  • Employee Attendance Timesheets

* requires optional hardware


Easily expand the tracking system as your fleet grows, ensuring your business remains efficient as it expands.

Reliability and Support

We provide a proven, robust and dependable GPS service with responsive customer support to address any requirements, issues or questions promptly.