Monthly Livetrax Subscription NZ$20 excl. GST

Full featured and affordable GPS

The Essential tracker is full-featured, yet affordable, GPS tracking device delivering high frequency updates and high detail tracking accurate to within 2.5 meters.

A 3-axis accelerometer detects accidents and roll-overs, as well as harsh driving including acceleration, braking and cornering.

The device is compatible with our RFID Driver ID reader and is available for both hard-wire and OBDII plug-in installations.

Accurate hours of use reports and reminders


Full featured fleet tracker

  • Includes 12 wire harness
  • Optional OBDII harness $25
  • Installation (if required): $100
  • Excl. Postage

Best tracker for Fleet & Private Vehicles

Both business fleets and private vehicles will benefit from the Essential tracker’s real-time detailed tracking and trip history, whether you need theft prevention, job tracking for billing, managing rental vehicles, delivery tracking or keeping an eye on teens.

The added Safety benefits of Accident and roll-over alertsdriver behaviour reports that include harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, local and maximum speed alerts and geo-fence alerts including safe home notifications, the Essential GPS Tracker is a must have for peace of mind.

Now you can rest assured that you can remotely manage your mobile team and vehicles using our App or Website.



The Essential tracker is the best solution for fleet and private vehicle tracking, whether keeping an eye on your fleet or loved ones, managing deliveries or billing for jobs.



Hi-detail Live Tracking

See all your vehicles and assets live on Google maps and review detailed trip history, in logbook view or map view.  Redirect the nearest driver to the job and asses traffic with Google traffic overlay.

Locate a vehicle

Immediately find a missing vehicle or asset using the online software or Android and IOS App.

Track jobs for billing

With accurate records of every job you will never wonder where the day has gone or why your billing is down.  Stopping time at each location is recorded and each trip can be allocated to a project with an hourly rate and a per kilometer rate.

Manage Deliveries

Easily keep an eye on your deliveries and receive notifications as each delivery is made, notify customers should you run late, or provide proof of delivery reports with your billing.


Easily report on working hours for salary and wages calculations and to fulfill compliance obligations.  Employees or contractors can log on and off using any enabled device via keypads or RFID tags..

Security from theft

Get alerts immediately for movement, tamper or theft.   Immobilize your asset or hit “Recovery mode” for real-time location updates to help you recover your stuff..

Service & Maintenance

Ensure your vehicles and equipment are serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer requirements through service and maintenance reminders, as well as tyre rotations, rego renewals and RUC licence reminders

Driver Safety

Encouraging safer drivers has the added benefit of keeping your fleet safer too! Reducing aggressive driving generates fuel and maintenance savings with little to no change in arrival times or travel times, but with big gains in driver safety.

Driver Behaviour Scoring

Improve driver behaviour with the fleet management report that details harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as speed and excessive idling.



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