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The GPSLiVEtrack Rugged is a compact 2G or 4G (NextG) GPS tracking device with a variety of inputs and outputs to cater for the most demanding applications. Its rugged housing is IP67 rated to withstand the harshest environments, without sacrificing tracking and communications performance.  With the internal GPS and cellular antennae installation is a breeze. The internal backup battery provides alerts and tracking operations even when external power is removed.

  • All weather applications
  • Rugged weather proof housing
  • Easy install & Easy to conceal
  • Compact 2G or 4G (NextG) GPS
  • variety of inputs and outputs


Vehicle, Fleet & Asset Tracking

The ideal asset and fleet tracker especially in exposed conditions or where multiple inputs and outputs are required.

Marine & Nautical

Rugged IP67 weather and water resistant housing makes the endure the ideal GPS tracker for yachts, boats, ships and jet-skis.

Exposed Mobile Assets

Easily install on trailers, mobile generators and pumps and other exposed work equipment for usage tracking and service reminders and alerts.

Hardware Features
Compact rugged IP67 rated housing Made of sturdy Nylon/Glass composite plastic the housing is extremely tough and UV resistant, is resistant to oils and can easily handle high temperatures

The housing is sealed using 4 screw and has 2 convenient mounting tabs.

Dimensions: 125mm x 80mm x 25mm
Weight: 250 grams

Harness Options The GPSLiVEtrack Rugged is manufactured with various harness options. Because of the nature of the housing the wire harness is soldered to the PCB at production

3 wire (power, ground, ignition)

12 wire harness

Automotive power
Voltage 8V to 45V DC (max)
Operating Current 10mA average (battery fully charged)

145mA average (battery charging)

Sleep Current <1mA

The GPSLiVEtrack Rugged passes stringent automotive power “load dump” tests to ensure that it will continue to operate in the harshest electrical systems. A built-in self-resetting fuse makes installation easy and safe.

Operating Temperature -20°C to +75°C 1

1) On external power.

Below 0°C the standard internal backup battery’s ability to deliver sufficient power to operate the cellular modem is reduced. Below 0°C and above +45°C the internal backup battery will not be charged as a safety precaution due to dangers associated with charging batteries at extreme temperatures.

For battery powered tracking in extreme temperatures enquire about our Remora tracker with extended temperature range battery options.

High sensitivity GPS UBLOX MAX7 GPS module

Supports GLONASS and other GNSS systems
72 channel high sensitivity receiver
-167dBm industry leading tracking performance
Battery backed up for optimal hot-start performance
AssistNow Offline aiding data for extremely fast time-to-first-fix and performance in urban canyon environments

Low noise GPS amplifier GPS signals are boosted by a special low-noise amplifier (LNA)
This allows the Rugged to operate where normal units will fail to receive GPS signal
2G or 3G (NextG) The Rugged can be manufactured for specific markets around the world with cellular modem modules approved by all the major networks

2G and 4G options

Certifications CE, C-TICK, ICASA, ACMA, ISO 7637-2
Internal Antennae Internal GPS and cellular antennae

Having the antennae inside the housing makes for very simple and quick installation. The Rugged has had its antennae tuned by the top laboratories to ensure optimal performance.

Backup battery The standard 850mAh LiPo backup battery allows the Rugged to operate when external power is removed for up to 7 days, depending on the amount of movement
4 x Digital Inputs 1 x Ignition line
3 x digital inputs with configurable pull-up / pull-down
Numerous configuration options including switches, duress/panic alerts, pulse counting
3 x Digital Outputs 3 x switched ground digital outputs, easily wired up to switch external lights, relays, buzzers, sirens, motors and other devices
Can be used to immobilise a vehicle
Sensor Interface The Rugged has an I2C interface which can be used to power and communicate with external sensors including temperature probes, humidity sensors and other sensors.
3 axis accelerometer The 3 axis accelerometer allows the Rugged to detect harsh driving events (harsh acceleration, braking and cornering) and this information can be used to monitor driver behaviour and unsafe driving.
It also allows the Rugged to go to ‘sleep’ when not moving, resulting in extremely low standby current.
iButton Communicate with common one-wire iButton devices
RS232 RS232 receive and transmit allow the Rugged to communicate with external RS232 devices. These can include fuel monitoring, Garmin FMI, tyre pressure monitoring

The RS232 interface can also be used to configure the device and to test and debug.

Switched 3.3V out The Rugged can provide power to external sensors via this 3.3V power line, allowing for easy installation and doing away with the need for additional external power supplies.

Maximum current: 200mA

Switched 5V out The Rugged can provide power to external peripherals via this 5V power line, allowing for easy installation and doing away with the need for additional external power supplies.

Maximum current: 300mA

DMCAN peripheral port Digital Matter has a range of peripherals that connect to the Rugged via the DMCAN peripheral port. Peripherals such as the RFID Driver ID reader, 5 digit keypad, data console and RF gateway use the DMCAN port.
Flash memory The Rugged has sufficient memory to store over 50,000 records in its flash memory. Normally the data will be sent to the server immediately but if the device is out of range then there is sufficient space to ensure that no data is lost – for many weeks of driving!

The flash memory is also used to store parameters, GPS aiding data, accident data, driver lists and other important information that needs to be securely stored.

Garmin FMI Coming soon
Warranty One year manufacturer’s warranty


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